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Who is SilkWeb?

SilkWeb, a leading custom elearning solutions provider, has been revolutionizing custom elearning and transforming online education for over 20 years. Our instructional design experts and education consultants have the expertise to create innovative online learning experiences that address the unique needs of clients in the online higher education industry. Our approach to instructional design is research-informed, allowing us to craft tailored elearning solutions that deliver results. From developing engaging learning modules to creating comprehensive online and hybrid programs, our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their needs and create custom elearning solutions that meet their organizational objectives.

Our Services

SilkWeb offers comprehensive learning solutions tailored to suit your needs.

Whether you're looking for a customized e-learning program or need professional guidance on training, we have the expertise and resources to deliver outstanding results.

Custom eLearning

Our custom elearning solutions can help your college or business reach new heights of productivity, generating an impressive return on investment. Transform employee performance and maximize efficiency today!

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Instructional Design

At our organization, we know that everyone learns differently - which is why we offer a tailored course design approach that ensures an inclusive educational experience. We also leverage UDL and Cultural Course Design to ensure all students have genuine opportunities to succeed.

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LMS Consulting

We offer a comprehensive LMS package with services ranging from integration and content migration through user training, platform branding and registration. Our development team is here to assist you in designing the best possible solution for your specific needs!

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Workforce Development

SilkWeb equips workers with the knowledge they need to stay competitive in a rapidly-evolving industry. Our comprehensive courseware covers Cybersecurity, Compliance and Leadership – all of which can be tailored to match any organization's unique needs.

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Accessibility Workshops

Are you struggling with ADA compliance issues? Look no further, find out how our comprehensive, custom tailored workshops can help your staff meet institutional requirements now!

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Workforce & Faculty Training Workshops

Transform your faculty with SilkWeb's engaging and effective workforce training workshops. Our team of experts will help educate and empower your faculty to become the best they can be.


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Who We Serve

SilkWeb enables higher education institutions, state, and government to optimize learning models through architecture and design that enhance efficiency, bolster ROI, and keep them on the cutting edge. For two decades, SilkWeb has been a leader in custom e-learning. By applying backward design principles, universal design standards and culturally responsive curriculum to our courses, we've established ourselves as experts in education and training—proudly connecting communities through the sharing of knowledge.

Our Approach

SilkWeb brings a comprehensive blend of cutting-edge technology, proven methodologies and years of experience to the table for custom e-learning course development. Unlock learner engagement with modern tools and approaches designed to maximize retention rates - paving the way for improved learner performance across your organization!

Our Team

Our team brings decades of experience to bear on your project, offering firm-fixed pricing and a reliable track record. We collaborate with you to create customized solutions - no matter the size or scope of your organization - while eliminating security, communication, quality and time zone issues for streamlined cost efficiency. Our staff have extensive experience in online program design and implementation for organizations small and large; from 300 employees up to 50,000 learners – quite an impressive feat!


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Scottsdale, AZ, US

About Us

SilkWeb provides custom eLearning, LMS solutions, and professional development services. For over 17 years we have created innovative custom elearning solutions using research-informed design and development techniques. Every custom elearning solution we design is developed in-house by our instructional design experts and development team.

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