LMS Administration

We provide ongoing LMS solutions and administration services through a dedicated virtual support LMS Administrator. You can design your LMS package from a variety of services, including integration, content migration, LMS courseware, user training, platform branding, user registration, LTI, and content support. Our development and administration team will design a support plan to best fit your institution’s unique needs.

Looking for LMS Solutions?

SilkWeb is an authorized provider of the leading FedRamp® Authorized LMS platform Blackboard® Learn.

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ILT/VILT Support Services

Whether you want to train an internal team of resources to manage the day-to-day tasks of LMS management or if you are looking for a one-stop solution - SilkWeb can help! Support goes a long way when implementing and maintaining new technology. Choose SilkWeb and you will receive a variety of support services, including integration, LMS courseware and management, platform branding, user registration, and content support. We can design a support plan to best fit your business objectives and learning goals.

Quality Committment

Our team is committed to promoting and improving the quality of online education and student learning nationally and internationally. In 2022, SilkWeb became a Quality Matters® member in order to show our commitment to quality standards in the industry and provide educational opportunities for our employees.

White-Glove Migration

SilkWeb has managed white-glove course migrations from one LMS to another as well as new LMS implementation start-ups. We customize each migration package to include the services that you need. We will organize your learning materials and create new materials (if needed) and combine these to create streamlined, effective, and engaging LMS courseware. Our course review, custom e-learning development, and white-glove migration solutions will help you engage your learners and lead them to success every time!

Canvas LMS

Need help setting up your Canvas course? Check out our free Canvas LMS video library. 

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Elsevier Evolve™

New to using Elsevier Evolve™ platform? Check out our Evolve video library.

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