K-12 Education

Our education team offers consulting services and solutions to help schools, K-12 school districts, and state education agencies promote student success, improve programs and processes, and utilize data findings to improve student outcomes. Helping significantly under-performing schools better engage and prepare students for college or globally competitive career options takes a comprehensive approach. SilkWeb can help. Our school improvement consulting focuses on leadership, effective instruction, climate and culture, data use, and curriculum and assessment alignment, and leverages online tools to provide resources, support, and professional development. We offer strategic consulting expertise to support school districts and state education agencies to operate effective and efficient learning systems.

K-12 Partnerships

SilkWeb Consulting and Development is delighted to announce our new partnership with the San Antonio Independent School District and McAllen Independent School District in the beautiful state of Texas. As an awarded vendor for the design and implementation of professional development and materials, we are honored to assist Texas educators in developing the essential knowledge and tools needed to support the complex skills students need to excel in the 21st century.

K-12 Education Philosophy

Our student-centered learning approach includes the following philosophies:
1. Powerful instruction empowers young learners.
2. Curiosity is the spark that should drive instruction.
3. Diversity and cultural inclusion help develop good global citizens.

Project Collaboration

We approach projects by collaborating with clients as action partners, working together to identify challenges and develop solutions that fit the context and needs of their unique education communities. Our dedicated team includes special education consultants, administrators, and former teachers, all of which can provide valuable strategic guidance to help you achieve better results for your students. 

Client Spotlight: Hawaii Public Schools

SilkWeb provides Hawaii Department of Education with professional development for teachers and staff. Learn more about our offerings here. 

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Client Spotlight: Georgia Public Schools 

SilkWeb served as the sub-contractor on this project. Our client was contracted to develop approximately 150 web-based lessons in humanities, science, math, and social studies. SilkWeb was charged with all content and instructional design development, including sourcing materials, mapping, course design, storyboard development, and editing. We also wrote scripts for the narrator and identified and contracted all SME resources. SilkWeb developed interactive learning activities and lessons using Storyline. This K-12 project was high-paced with an aggressive schedule. All writing needed to be completed within 90 days. SilkWeb outperformed expectations, delivering defect-free content, finishing two weeks early.

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