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Instructional Design Services

Our Experience

SilkWeb can help you create innovative and engaging programs to make your institution stand out! Our team of instructional designers has hands-on experience in the design, layout and development of courses for different subject areas. From ESL to Spanish, Algebra to Chemistry - STEM or healthcare - we've got it covered. Let us work with your experts so that together we can ensure all standards are met during program creation as well as accreditation factors are taken into consideration when necessary. Create an unforgettable educational journey for your students today!

Learner Centered Design

From the very start, it's our mission to make sure every course we design is tailored around your learners' needs. We apply a learner-centric approach each step of the way, ensuring that no detail goes unchecked and their learning experience remains impactful!

Cutting Edge Technology

Our instructional design service provides an exciting journey for each student. From immersive video and animations to A/R, V/R simulations, we use the latest tech tools available so every lesson is fun yet impactful!

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is a methodology that focuses on making sure each student gets the help they need. It looks different for each student, and allows everyone to learn at their own pace and focus on what they need to learn most.  With personalized learning in college, every student can work on their individual goals and receive support from teachers and other resources as needed!

Accessible Design

Our instructional designers are experts in using UDL techniques to create powerful and engaging digital experiences for any learner. Not only does this increase access, but it also provides choice - allowing learners of all types to demonstrate their knowledge on their own terms. Explore the possibilities today by leveraging our professional expertise!

Culturally Responsive Design

At SilkWeb, we strive to create a dynamic learning environment that respects and celebrates different cultures. Our culturally responsive course design services help SMEs integrate diverse perspectives into their curriculum, creating an interdisciplinary framework of meaningful assignments tailored to the needs of each student. This approach encourages engagement and equity by giving learners projects with cultural relevance – empowering them as they pursue knowledge!


Education has taken a turn for the fun with instructors embracing gamification strategies to keep students engaged in their lessons. Through interactive games, learning is transformed from passive listening into an exciting and immersive experience that not only keeps student attention but also gives them insight into how well they have grasped material covered during class. Additionally, it's become possible to use these gaming techniques as part of evaluations instead of traditional tests or assignments - giving learners more freedom while still measuring competencies!

Full-Service Instructional Design Services

SilkWeb is making e-learning success stories a reality one student at a time! We create engaging and effective custom e-learning solutions through collaboration with faculty and subject matter experts. With our US based instructional design staff, there's never any need to worry about language or cultural barriers. Let us help you unlock the potential of your students with interactive lesson plans, online syllabi, social/experiential learning and more - SilkWeb is always just an email OR phone call away!

Our Instructional Design Process

Our custom e-learning development service harnesses the power of sound instructional design to create captivating courses tailored specifically for your needs. Our experienced team dives deep into your project, gathering insightful input from subject matter experts and mapping out key topics that shape each course's curriculum. Moreover, we prioritize engagement and interaction throughout our instructional design process in order to capture multiple learning styles and enhance learners' knowledge retention. We are dedicated not only delivering quality results within an agreed upon timeline but also providing you with a comprehensive experience that leaves no detail overlooked!

Principles We Stand By

Communication. From the moment we establish our relationship with you until the end of our instructional design service, it will be apparent that we take communication and service seriously.

Attention. We don't churn and burn through projects. Our business approach allows you to receive the time and attention to detail that your project deserves, and you expect.

Passion for successful learning. Our hands-on involvement fosters life-long client relationships and makes a positive impact on every aspect of the creation process. 


Scottsdale, AZ, US

About Us

SilkWeb provides custom eLearning, LMS solutions, and professional development services. For over 17 years we have created innovative custom elearning solutions using research-informed design and development techniques. Every custom elearning solution we design is developed in-house by our instructional design experts and development team.

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