Video Learning Solutions

Businesswoman recording a video learning session on her camera.SilkWeb offers custom video learning solutions to fit your business needs. We use a microlearning, “knowledge chunking” strategy to capture your employees' attention and we use that time wisely to help inform them of current knowledge and instill in them the expertise needed to accomplish their job. Whether you need to train your employees in the latest office software or simply need to disseminate new policy and procedures out quickly you can rest assured that SilkWeb has a video learning solution for you.

Video Based LearningInstructor Led TrainingSelf-Study
Ability to persuadeAbility to persuadeNot so much
Addresses different learning styles of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learnersPossible but difficult for one person to do in a classroom without careful instructional planningAddresses visual only
Learners can use their laptop, smartphone and study on the goLearning must take place in a classroomYou can take the manual with you
Supports on-demand, bite-sized microlearning, teaching at the moment of needDoes not support on-demand learning since rooms have to be reserved and learners have to sign-upDoes not support on-demand, bite-sized microlearning, teaching at the moment of need as there is no instructor
Cost-effective because investment price of 1 video can be spread out across hundreds of employeesNot cost effective when calculating room fees, salary of face-to-face trainers and time and money spent travelingCost effective approach but little oversight and costs could escalate due to printing and shipping of training manuals

Video has quickly taken hold in corporate training because it offers just in time training options that don’t cost a fortune. The great news is that we have been producing video learning options for over a decade and we understand what your employees want and how they want it delivered. Most employees don’t have time for extensive hours-long trainings that take place in an off-site location nor do they want to waste their time re-learning the stuff they already know. This is why video learning is one of the best solutions for on-going employee training. Video training offers ease of use- your employees can watch a video-based session in a few minutes while commuting to and from work or catch a recording in-between work tasks.

Commuter doing mobile video learning on a train while on the way to work. Video learning also provides you with the opportunity to address multiple learning styles in one format. Video training appeals to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners all at once.  Concerned about your return on investment (ROI)? ROI is a huge consideration when it comes to building up your corporate training library. Video training offers a greater return on investment potential because one video can be spread out across hundreds or thousands of employees nationwide. And for a nominal charge you can have your video-based training translated into over 120+ international languages and still remain in  your budget.

Our instructional design team and video producer can work with your team from start to finish to offer a single video training or an entire video learning library. Would you like to learn more? Complete our contact form and schedule a free consultation.

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