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Your students want exciting, engaging careers that will be in demand for the rest of their lives. You want a scalable learning solution that is easy to implement with a high ROI. SilkWeb is the leading custom e-learning company because we provide innovative and customized solutions to all learning communities. SilkWeb's cybersecurity programs provide multiple pathways to certification and a flexible learning environment designed to support your faculty and students as they enter the exciting world of cybersecurity careers.

Cybersecurity careers put workers on the frontlines of protecting data and infrastructures. Information Security Analyst job growth is expected to reach 31 percent, significantly outpacing the nation’s average job growth. Cybersecurity jobs pay ranges into the high $100,000’s and the sector will continue to see enormous career growth opportunities. This fast-paced career sector employs nearly 1 million people in the United States and almost 500,000 positions are waiting to be filled. Our custom e-learning cybersecurity certification program, using SilkWeb's cybersecurity, can help you quickly implement opportunities for your students to secure their futures in cybersecurity careers.

The state-of-the-art web-based learning cybersecurity components only require students to have internet access. Our program provides educators a scalable opportunity to prepare students for quality cybersecurity careers while utilizing Individual Learning Plans and maintaining educational authenticity. Educators receive comprehensive reports on student progress, skills, and assessments, keeping you and your students in control. 

This is not off-the-shelf e-learning. SilkWeb works with each organization to customize and implement the cybersecurity certification or degree program that best serves your students. We help train your faculty and provide ongoing support for program design, technology, implementation, and best practices.

SilkWeb Cybersecurity ACADEMY

At SilkWeb, we understand that students learn best when the material is applicable and “hands-on”. For our cybersecurity training, we use real-world scenarios to train students on the latest cybersecurity practices and methodologies, mapped to cybersecurity industry standards. 

Topics include incident response, malware analysis, computer, media and mobile device exploitation, penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, reverse engineering, information assurance and cyber forensics. 

With our custom cybersecurity e-learning program, educators remain central to the learning process. We understand that cybersecurity certification and cybersecurity degree programs are relatively new; that’s why SilkWeb provides personalized assistance with creating your course catalogue, educator training on the LMS and ongoing support.

Sample Course Listing:

  • FOR400 – Fundamentals Of Network Forensics: Provide an understanding of devices used to set up computer networks, where useful data may reside within the network, and how the data is stored and retrieved to acquire analysis.
  • IR500 – Incident Response: Provide in-depth exposure to network and systems intrusion protection methods, what to do before, during and after an event, and how to recover from events and strengthen organizational security.
  • MAL600 – Advanced Malware Analysis: Provide an in-depth understanding of identifying & analyzing the presence of advanced packers, polymorphic malware, encrypted malware & malicious code.


SilkWeb's Cybersecurity Skills Labs provides hands-on, immersive skills enhancement that take students from beginner to expert using real-world scenarios. Labs are on-demand and browser-based, so you can focus on providing equitable and quality education to your students without worrying about delivery. 

With our Skills Labs, students will encounter the excitement of both cyber attack and cyber defense using professional tools. Individual Learning Plans and real-time student evaluation help students prepare for cybersecurity jobs like computer network architect and information security analyst. 

Need help customizing the experience for your community? SilkWeb’s team of custom e-learning professionals will help you plot pathways for your students, leading to more successful learning outcomes.

Sample Lab Topics:

  • Incident Detection and Identification
  • Sensitive Information Identification
  • Analyze SQL Injection Attack
  • Recover from Illegal Bitcoin Mining Incident
  • Advanced Techniques for Malware Recovery
  • Pentesting & Network Exploitation - WAN/DMZ Exploitation & Pivoting Labs


iAssessing students’ learning is crucial in helping them progress and succeed. SilkWeb's Skills Assessments present students with practical simulated scenarios based on the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. Hundreds of data points are collected as students work through the exercises, and instructors are provided with comprehensive reports outlining learners’ strengths and weaknesses. These reports also provide scores and recommendations for skills development, making them an important tool in cultivating both quality Individual Learning Plans and a scalable, equitable cybersecurity careers program.

Sample Assessments:

  • PR100 – Cyber Defense Analyst Full Assessment
  • PR400-1 – Intelligence Gathering
  • IN300 – Cyber Defense Forensics Analyst Full Assessment
  • IN300-3 – Malware Analysis
  • PR300 – Cyber Defense Incident Responder Full Assessment

Are you ready to provide your students with the skills for an exciting new career that will always be in high demand? Call SilkWeb today to learn more about our custom e-learning cybersecurity career training program.