New to the Canvas LMS? Check out our comprehensive Canvas help videos listed below to learn basic and advanced techniques. We are skilled at small and large scale Canvas conversions.  We upload new content frequently so visit our page again to learn new tools on Canvas LMS. Our instructional designers and Canvas developers are available for further help to complete your transition to the Canvas LMS. Contact us today if needed!

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Teaching During a Pandemic

Get your online classroom ready inside the Canvas LMS and learn some tools through our video tutorial! This introduction video will point out some awesome tips when starting up your classroom inside the Canvas LMS.

Creating a Course Map

Learn how to navigate inside the Canvas LMS through this tutorial video. Understand how to create a course map and the benefits this can bring to your online class!

Creating Modules in Canvas

Watch how easy it can be to create and organize a class module inside the Canvas LMS!  Feel free to contact us today to speak with a Canvas developer.

Adding Files and Links in Canvas

This Canvas help video will show you how to add and utilize folders on this LMS. Watch our video to learn how easy it can be to keep your courseware organized when using the Canvas LMS!

Creating Discussions in Canvas

With simple steps, learn how to create a discussion in Canvas! Discussion posts are a great way to engage participants in the online classroom. Our Canvas developers are always available for questions!

Creating Assignments in Canvas

Learn about our FREE templates that include instructions and labels! With this tool, creating assignments in the Canvas LMS can be easier than you think!

Creating Rubrics in Canvas

This video tutorial walks you step by step through the process of creating rubrics in Canvas.

Creating Quizzes in Canvas

Learn how to import an existing quiz or create your own quiz inside Canvas. By the end of this help video, you will retain some great tips for creating classroom quizzes!

Creating a Gradebook in Canvas

Learn some tips Canvas LMS has to offer when creating a grade book! This help video will give you instructions and understanding on the different options you have when using this LMS.

Creating and Editing Tables in Canvas 

This Canvas help video will show you how to create and edit your own tables. Understand the different options and settings that are available on this LMS. Become organized with the option of adding tables to your online classroom! Our LMS developers are ready to assist you with any questions you might have.

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