SilkWeb is the only custom e-learning company in Indian Country that is qualified to provide Learning Management System, custom e-learning courseware, and off-the-shelf courseware to tribes, communities, and tribal serving organizations. 

SilkWeb is a Native American, Woman-Owned Small Business, 8a (pending) e-learning company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Laurel founded SilkWeb in 2007 as the first of its kind custom e-learning company with a 100% commitment to using US based staff. Laurel has been in the education technology industry for over 20 years, with much of her work focused on delivering quality e-learning training and custom e-learning education services to all communities.

Laurel is Húŋkpapȟa Lakota and an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota. She has a Master of Education Degree in Instructional Design and a Bachelors Degree in English. Laurel founded the e-learning company SilkWeb with a mission to help all communities gain access to technology and education. SilkWeb has built its reputation on the timely delivery of quality online curriculum and instructional design expertise.

Laurel Silk Shaw

Company Information

Owner: Laurel Shaw, MAEd - CEO
Company: SilkWeb Consulting & Development LLC
Phone: 602.910.7494
SECONDARY NAICS: 519190, 541611, 611110, 611210, 611310, 611410, 611420, 611430, 611511, 611519, 611610, 611620, 611699
DUNS: 796832124
EIN: 26-0226448


Native American Owned Small Business Economic Enterprise (ISBEE)
8a Certification (application pending)
Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB)

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A US-Based e-Learning Company

SilkWeb is the number one e-learning company in the US. We offer discounted rates to BIA, BIE, AS-IA, and Tribal agencies. All of our work is completed in the United States by highly qualified and degreed professionals. We offer competitive pricing that can be compared to off-shore company pricing and we do it all without the cultural differences, time barriers, and security breaches associated with hiring off-shore vendors. We have built SilkWeb's solid reputation in the e-learning industry because of our focus on customer satisfaction and high instructional design standards. 

Our Instructional Design Methodology

Unlike SilkWeb, other e-learning companies use out-of-the-box design and conventional learning tools. SilkWeb takes a more creative approach and seeks to incorporate a diverse and culturally aware design that makes our services and products unique and catered to Indian Country.

SilkWeb understands the science behind learning and how the mind works and we use this knowledge to combine the scientific with the cultural traditions of those in our community. All learning is a cycle and involves distinct steps that take us from understanding to application. Using the Lakota medicine wheel, SilkWeb integrates five key principles of learning to design effective training and experiential education opportunities. SilkWeb’s instructional design methodology is a framework that combines science, culture, and technology into a learning experience.

People learn by following examples, replicating or mimicking behaviors, and being able to apply knowledge in real situations. SilkWeb's custom instructional design method provides your learners with immediate access to relevant, usable content. Learners have direct access to what they need to learn and can apply new knowledge right away.

SilkWeb's microlearning approach introduces learners to small pieces of content that build on each other. In classroom-based education, we call this scaffolding. Spacing out learning has been shown to help learners grasp new content faster than traditional training and has the bonus of improving knowledge retention. Learners also enjoy a high level of flexibility that matches their work or family schedule and learning style.

The following diagram shows how SilkWeb’s training design works.

Medicine wheel

Our Services

Blackboard (Authorized US Reseller)
Curriculum K-12
Curriculum Vocational Training
Curriculum Undergraduate
Curriculum Graduate
Curriculum Development
Curriculum Mapping
Curriculum Writing
Custom Course Development
Custom e-Learning
Custom Online Training
Custom Training
Cybersecurity Curriculum
Cybersecurity Certification Programs
eLearning Solutions

Faculty Training 
Game-Based Learning 
Google Classroom 
ILT to eLearning Conversion 
IT Support and Training 
Instructional Design 
Leadership Training 
LMS Administration 
LMS Courseware 
LMS Implementation 
LMS Migration 
Mobile Learning 
Moodle LMS 
Multimedia Design 
OER Content Curation 

Off-the-Shelf Training 
Open edX LMS 
Production, Design & Development 
Program Development 
Rapid eLearning 
Rise 360 Development 
Section 508 Compliance 
SilkWeb LMS
Social Learning 
Strategic Planning 
Student Success 
Subject Matter Experts 
Training Solutions 
Video Development 

K-12 Clients

Department of Education- State of Hawaii
WACO Independent School District
San Antonio Independent School District
McAllen Independent School District

Professional Memberships

SilkWeb is proud to be a member of the following organizations.

National Indian Education Association
The Learning Guild
Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Blackboard Learn Logo
American Indian of Arizona

Past Performance

Case Study  – Haskell Indian Nations University


SilkWeb served as a sub-contractor on this project. Haskell Indian Nations University, the premier inter-tribal university in the United States, contracted with their LMS provider to deploy a cloud-based platform, provide faculty technical training, and curriculum development services to faculty. SilkWeb eagerly accepted the instructional design and development services request. During the three weeks leading up to the Fall semester, our instructional design team was able to develop thirty-one college courses in collaboration with Haskell's faculty. The challenges that SilkWeb faced included the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, time constraints due to the impending semester start, and faculty time commitments. Most faculty were simultaneously attending technical training and trying to quickly write content for one or more courses. SilkWeb was able to successfully deliver instructional design and development services by meeting with faculty virtually using Zoom and Collaborate sessions. We were able to share documents needed to develop each course through Google Drive, Google Docs, and email. While faculty worked on their instructional content, the SilkWeb design team developed a standardized course template that included custom features such as image headers and content files. Once faculty finalized their content, SilkWeb was able to use the Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, weblinks, and videos and migrate them into the new cloud-based platform.

Skills Needed

instructional design, curriculum mapping, course template design, functionality testing

Key Resources

  • Instructional Designers
  • Content Developers
  • Quality Assurance Reviewers

Case Study  – Lamar & Associates 


SilkWeb served as a sub-contractor working on Articulate development on this project. The goal of this project was to provide training and technical assistance to support tribes in preventing prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse and diversion, as well as raising awareness about Drug Endangered Children. The project was supported by Grant Number 2012HEWXK003 and awarded by the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, U.S. Department of Justice to Lamar Associates a 100% Native American Owned Small Business. The category goals for the project were to increase the capacity of law enforcement agencies to serve the needs of drug endangered children; and increase the capacity of law enforcement agencies to build partnerships with public health, prevention, and treatment providers that will lead to coordinated community responses to prevent prescription drug diversion and abuse. Our client contacted SilkWeb to help them develop an e-learning component as part of the grant program. SilkWeb was charged with storyboarding, creating a visual course design, and editing content to ensure accuracy. SilkWeb developed interactive lessons, learning activities, and quizzes using Articulate software.

Skills Needed 

instructional design and development, course design, storyboard development, Articulate, and editing.

Key Resources

  • Instructional Designers 
  • Editor
  • Articulate Developers