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Are you looking for a company to produce a custom corporate training solution for your organization? Are you in need of prompt, high-quality training content built on sound instructional design?

SilkWeb is an online corporate training solutions development firm based in the US with the reputation that our client trust. For over 20 years, our Instructional Designers have created hundreds of training solutions and worked with top companies across the United States.

Business woman working on a corporate trianing courseSince we opened our doors in 2006, SilkWeb has been helping employees meet their potential through our custom corporate training solutions. We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with your subject matter experts to create vibrant custom corporate training solutions. We offer a personable level of service to all our clients and we strive to deliver the best custom corporate training solutions on-time and under budget. Our instructional design team uses effective, stream-lined instructional design practices to build your training course library. Utilizing classic instructional design models such as ADDIE and AGILE we design the best in interactive training experiences for your employees.

Our instructional design team uses effective, stream-lined instructional design practices to build your training course library. Utilizing classic instructional design models such as ADDIE and AGILE we design the best in interactive training experiences for your employees.

Can You Make My Corporate Training Solutions Industry-Specific?

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf content when you can afford a custom corporate training solution. SilkWeb will create a custom corporate training solution that is specific to your industry. Learners gain valuable experience in a safe learning environment, learning skills, and techniques that are directly relevant to their jobs.

SilkWeb has worked with clients in virtually all business fields. Our customers include institutions of higher education, manufacturing, distribution, automotive, sales, legal services, pharmaceuticals, US government, and health care.

Concerned About Privacy and Content Rights for Your Corporate Training?

Rest assured that SilkWeb is entirely based in the United States. We never offshore our work and your content will never be distributed or shown to other clients. We take our client's privacy seriously and have several clients for whom we work where we have non-disclosure agreements. We offer low-cost online training maintenance plans with all online training solutions. In addition, at the completion of every project, we supply you with the source files so that there is no question as to who holds the copyright.

How Will I Measure ROI?

Measuring your company's return on investment or ROI of any corporate training solution is an important step in assessment and evaluation. Stakeholders need to know that the training is worth it and is making the impact needed. The ROI impact we make can be shown as your employees practice new skills and are tested throughout the process. Integrated quizzes take the guesswork out of performance measurement and give trainers the data they need to show ROI for the department.

ITL to Online Training Conversion

Business man taking a corporate training courseIf you have current ILT training that needs to be converted to online training then we have a corporate training solution to fit your needs. Our instructional designers will work directly with your training team and subject matter experts to help them transform their instructor-led content and ready it for online training. We will utilize our eLearning developers and instructional designers to make that vision come to life. You provide the content and we do all the heavy lifting to give you an online training solution that will engage your employees. All online training can be completed from anywhere in the world. There is no need to fly in workers and cover the cost of hotels, meals, and travel when it can all be completed online.

Flash to HTML5 Training Conversions

Does your company have a library of online training content developed in Flash? Flash is outdated and problematic for modern institutions concerned about safety as it creates a pathway for hackers to gain access to your online training system. SilkWeb has a training solution just for you! We can convert Flash to HTML5 using our state-of-the-art tools and knowledge base. We provide bulk discounts for organizations converting their entire online Flash training library to HTML5 and can also customize this training content after conversion. In the end, you can sleep well knowing that your company is protected and that your employees can safely access your new HTML5 online training library both at work and at home.

We know how tedious it can be to update online content and convert outdated lessons into interactive online training, and we know what it takes because we've been delivering training solutions for over 20 years. It can be a daunting task with the wrong vendors who may struggle to meet your needs and deliver your online training solution on time. With SilkWeb you can get your online training developed within weeks instead of months.

How Does Instructional Design Inform Our Corporate Training Solutions?

Research indicates that people learn best when exposed to information in small chunks. All corporate training solutions should be developed around this concept. Our content and materials are developed around this convenient and effective chunking strategy. This strategy allows learners to master each topic and sub‐topic before moving forward. And in the event that their instruction is interrupted they are easily able to go back to it and start again where they left off without losing valuable time.


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