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eLearning Services

"Unbeatable price and quality”

We offer unbeatable prices and quality in every learning solution we create. Every e‐Learning course contains audio, is interactive, and includes a scored post-assessment. Every course is developed in‐house by our instructional designers, subject matter experts, and professional course writers. Our content is not only exciting, but it is also current. We review all of our courses annually for updates and are continually adding new content and media!

Off-the-Shelf Training

"LMS integration is a breeze”

Research indicates that people learn best when exposed to information in small chunks. All content and materials are developed around this convenient and effective chunking strategy. This strategy allows learners to master each topic and sub‐topic before moving forward. And in the event that their instruction is interrupted they are easily able to go back to it using the course’s bookmarking feature and start again where they left off without losing valuable time. Web‐based courses are delivered through our Learning Management System or yours! All courses are SCORM 1.2 or 2004 compliant making LMS integration a breeze.

Custom eLearning

"Practical and cost-effective solution"

Custom course development is a practical and cost-effective solution designed to complement your organizations’ new or existing e-learning. Custom courses range from simple yet well-organized tutorials to highly interactive courses with simulations, games, and case studies. With custom eLearning, you can ensure that your efforts will meet the mark every time. We offer a variety of support services including LMS integration, LMS management, user registration, and remote cloud hosting. When a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t do select custom eLearning!

eLearning Conversion

"Delivery is a fraction of the cost of seminars”

With eLearning conversion, existing instructor‐led materials are transformed into vibrant and engaging eLearning courses. Rather than attending a physical learning site, students and employees learn via CD‐ROM software or a web‐based Learning Management System. Forget the large invoices for a seminar workshop; with eLearning conversion, training courses are delivered at a fraction of the cost and a one-time fee. Even better, eLearning courses can be reused over and over to teach new employees. Budget friendly update services are just part of the package. A dedicated instructional design team works with each client to create custom eLearning courses for their organization and ensures that all employees have access to the tools to improve their job performance. With eLearning conversion, companies are dramatically increasing their chances for success!


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