Training & Design

Instructional Design: described and defined

As instructional designers, we assist in the layout and design of online courses and programs.

Within institutions of higher education, SilkWeb provides consulting to teaching faculty or academics (often referred to as subject matter experts, or SMEs) in the production of curriculum development for eLearning activities.

This entails the undertaking of

(1) the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation training and performance support solutions (ADDIE);

(2) the development of course materials consistent with sound instructional design principles, and technological and pedagogical strategies;

(3) the design and implementation of learning elements; and

(4) the development of assessment and evaluation.

In essence, our instructional design takes the burden of developing learning materials off your shoulders.

Our Approach.

We conduct the requirements analysis, map out the instructional design, and oversee the time management aspects of your project, to ensure that the quality and timeliness of your custom e-learning projects are never compromised.

Instruction Designed for the Learner Engagement

First and foremost, we take a learner-centric approach in your course development.

We think about your learners' needs every step of the way. We're always asking, "Is this going to engage the learner?"

"Will this stimulate the learner's interest?"


Our instructional design team understands and uses the latest technologies to help you formalize your plans through storyboard, creation, and e-learning production.

The most advanced levels of software and technology are used, including video, animation, and HTML5 simulations to ensure each student is engaged in the curriculum.

Industry-recognized instructional design methods to provide the most comprehensive solution to fit your needs. We offer instructional design using the latest methods, including:

  • HTML5 development simulations
  • mobile learning applications
  • LMS development services
  • custom Moodle development
  • platform management
  • quality assurance testing

Our curriculum architects will cater to your institutional leads.

Instructional Design: Model for Success

We are committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome from your learning program. Our team prepares you to deploy training internally, or you can leverage our team of experienced facilitators.

Here's what you can expect from SilkWeb

Expect transparency and communication. From the moment we establish our relationship with you, it will be apparent that we take communication and service seriously.

Expect care and attention to detail. We don't churn and burn through projects. Our small business approach allows you to receive the time and attention to detail that your project deserves.

Expect involvement. Our hands-on involvement and support foster life-long client-relationships and makes a positive impact on every aspect of the creation process.


Modernize your instruction

It's time to modernize your systems and inspire your learners with an innovative curriculum.


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