Online Student Success Courses

Just one free eLearning student success course can help provide the guidance a student needs to succeed in school! These video learning solutions are loaded with tips and tricks as we understand the difficulties being a student entails. Whether you might be transitioning into a college setting or struggling in the classroom, we hope you find these student success courses helpful. As many schools are transitioning into an e-Learning environment in response to COVID-19, these online student success courses are here to assist your change. These modules focus on the environment of an online setting opposed to an in-person classroom. Topics on University Experience, Critical Thinking, Research and Documentation, and many more will help you achieve your academic goals! Ten modules are listed below regarding a variety of topics. We hope these online resources will point you in the right direction!



Click on one of the student success courses to get started! These modules are completely digital with audio components to better your academic career. With a range of different subjects, we hope you find a module that is applicable to you.

University Experience
Personal Goal Setting
Motivational Influences
Critical Thinking
Time and Stress Management
Personal Learning Styles
Effective Study Habits
Academic Reading Strategies
Academic Writing Strategies
Research and Documentation

We hope you take advantage of our free eLearning student success course modules! With these tools, the transition into a college setting can be much smoother on a student. The tips and strategies mentioned in the modules are key skills that will help you find success in your academic and professional careers. Feel free to check out another article for more helpful information on how to succeed in school. You can also bookmark our page to stay updated as we add content to this page!

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