Off-the-Shelf Training

SilkWeb has offered off-the-shelf training for over 10 years. We now offer a training library free of charge to individuals and businesses who need a cost-effective approach to training their employees. Through years of offering these services to our clients, we have procured some of the most popular content in compliance, safety, soft skills, and leadership training. 

Why Choose Off-the-Shelf Training?

Off-the-shelf training provides a cost-effective option to address many employee training needs that are often standardized and not specific to your business or industry. As employers work to address workplace issues like harassment, diversity, communication, and creative problem-solving, off-the-shelf training continues to provide high ROI (see SilkWeb’s Free Corporate Training library).

SilkWeb doesn't need to know how many users or employees will take the training. We are most concerned about offering you the best price for the training. While other companies focus on the number of seats or users that will be paid, we set our sights on delivering you the right course for one low all-inclusive price.

Can I Purchase Training to Use on My Company's LMS?

The simple answer is YES! SilkWeb will provide your own company branding and customization at a fraction of the price you would pay for fully customized training. We will just need you to answer a few questions such as what brand LMS are you using? Do you require SCORM tracking for your online courses? Do you want to put your brand on the courses, if so, please supply the logo? Your courses can be ready in less than a week.

Do you need assistance with loading courses to your server or LMS? We can help with that too. We are familiar with most major LMS providers including Blackboard, Canvas, etc. Because we never offshore work you can rest assured that your intellectual property and computer services will remain safe and intact. We will never sell or trade your information. We are 100% based in the United States and use only legal US employees. In addition, we carry the necessary liability insurance policies as well as errors and omissions insurance for the work we create.

Is Off-the-Shelf Training Faster?

Training library topicsFor standardized industry training needs, like CMVD training, our training library provides a speedy and accessible option to help your employees gain knowledge and skills from anywhere. Many off-the-shelf training programs can also be affordably customized to fit your business needs and branding.

Contact SilkWeb today to learn how off-the-shelf training can give you time and money while improving your workforce’s skills.


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