Native American Inspirational Leadership Curriculum

Role models are some of the most powerful people in the world, no matter their position in politics or leadership, because they can influence the mind of the next generation. Accomplishments by prominent Native Americans are not often taught, leaving Native students to their own devices to learn about important and inspiring people like them.

Evan Elise Roberts (Tlingit) President of the Association of Native Americans at Yale University

Project Collaboration

SilkWeb began collaborating with the National Native American Hall of Fame in the summer of 2021. James Parker Shield and Laurel Silk collaborated on bringing the NNAHOF Inspirational Leadership curriculum into a distance learning format. Part of this endeavor included creating a digital format for the existing teacher training for non-native teachers, designing interactive elements, and ideas for digital delivery of the program to K-12 students. 

Education Philosophy

Our student-centered learning approach includes the following philosophies:

1. Powerful instruction empowers young learners.
2. Curiosity is the spark that should drive instruction.
3. Diversity and cultural inclusion help develop good global citizens.

SilkWeb is a founding sponsor of the National Native American Hall of Fame

SilkWeb had the honor to provide the blanket throws given to each of the inductees at the 2021 National Native American Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Curriculum Preview

Every module in the program is culturally relevant and easy to use.  The curriculum includes a teacher's guide, interactive course content, assessments for understanding, CCSS alignment, and video content. 


Preview the entire Teacher's Guide! Click the image to open the PDF in a new window. 

Student Version: Billy Mills

Review a sample interactive student lesson. Click the image to open the online module in a new window. 

Learning Options

Whether you need classroom, blended, or online content our curriculum is customizable based on your institutional needs.  In addition, every online learning module is based on universal design standards and meets Section 508 and WACG standards. 

SilkWeb is 8a Certified!