10 Days to Better Leadership - Join the Challenge!

Clarify your mission. Fulfill your leadership potential. Conquer obstacles. All in just 10 days.

Leadership Challenge with hands showing teamwork
Woman showing leadership in front of group

People are looking to YOU for leadership.

They want you to help them achieve their goals, fulfill their mission, and overcome challenges they encounter along the way.

But being a leader isn’t easy. It requires both keen insight AND strong action.

If you don’t have both, you won’t make forward progress on your mission.

This 10-day email challenge will give you strategic leadership insights each day, as well as specific actions to take to strengthen your leadership skills. If you’re ready to reach your leadership potential, this is for you.

So, are you in?

Are you ready to join the challenge? Join us from April 19-30, 2021!

It’s a totally FREE 10-day challenge designed SPECIFICALLY to help you grow as a leader.

Each day you’ll receive a helpful reflection on leadership and a series of actions to take to help you strengthen your leadership skills.

The goal?

To help you achieve SIGNIFICANT growth as a leader, to the point where people are AMAZED by the transformation.

This has the potential to significantly enhance both your personal life and your career.

I want to invite you to sign up RIGHT NOW. You won’t regret it.

10 Day Leadership Challenge

  • Day One (4/19): Clarifying Your Personal Mission
  • Day Two (4/20): Clarifying Your Personal Goals
  • Day Three (4/21): Identifying Your Personal Roadblocks
  • Day Four (4/22): Determine Your ONE Thing
  • Day Five (4/23): Create a Personal Action Plan
  • Day Six (4/26): Clarify Your Team Mission
  • Day Seven (4/27): Identify Your Team Goals
  • Day Eight (4/28): Determine Your Team ONE Thing
  • Day Nine (4/29): Identify Current Team Roadblocks
  • Day Ten (4/30): Create a Team Action Plan

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