Do I need to have original content?

The choice is up to you when it comes to content selection. Re-purpose your existing eLearning course materials and SilkWeb will provide you with a detailed storyboard so you can review the content before production.

Can you make e-learning courses that are industry-specific?

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf content when you can afford a custom e-learning solution. SilkWeb will create rich, custom e-learning courses specific to your industry. Learners gain valuable experience in a safe learning environment, learning skills, and techniques that are directly relevant to their jobs.

How much do custom e-learning projects cost?

Pricing Your Custom e-Learning Project is Easy!
We include all design and development services in one flat-fee price for your custom e-learning project. We will never charge you for services you don't need and there are never any surprises!

I don't have time for language barriers.

Because you are working with an American company with its employees based in the United States, there are no communication difficulties or time barriers when you need to reach your project manager about your custom e-learning project!

Will my point of contact be local to me and accessible?

We Make it Simple to Communicate With Your Custom e-Learning Solutions Team! We complete all custom e-learning project work in-house and we are always available to discuss your custom e-learning project. Unlike other companies, we do NOT ship work overseas so you can be assured that your content stays confidential and safe!