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SilkWeb offers free resources with just a simple sign-up! Our free eLearning templates are customizable to fit any project needs. These templates can make your workload easier and faster as it can be unnecessary to create new instructional design templates for every project. With our templates, you can make small changes in order for them to fit any e-learning project needs.

We also offer a free training library regarding topics such as effective online teaching strategies, online student success, and corporate training!

Our training library include multiple modules that are filled with tips and strategies. Whether you are an online instructor or a student, we have courses that can benefit your education and future.

And don't forget about our Video Tutorials! We are constantly updating our video learning library as we generally focus these free training video tutorials on popular software or learning management system software (LMS) that our client faculty use daily.

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How to import a test on Blackboard LMS. Blackboard Learn Tutorial Video

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