Similar to our Online Student Success Courses, we now offer courses regarding effective online teaching! These video learning solutions are loaded with tips and strategies for online instructors or those who might be transitioning to online teaching. This course includes topics such as best practices, resources, course planning documents, and more! We hope you find these learning solutions useful, as we understand the struggles being an online instructor can entail. Eleven modules regarding a variety of topics are listed below.

Effective Online Teaching Strategies

For Teachers and College Faculty

Click on one of the online teaching strategies courses to get started! These modules are filled with useful information for online instructors and can help you become an effective teacher. With a range of different subjects, we hope you find a module that is applicable to you!

Effective Online Teaching Strategies Full Course
Student Motivation
Communication in an Online Course
Building an Online Course
Digital Course Development Process
Academic Integrity
Copyright and Fair Use
Section 508 and ADA Compliance
University Resources

We hope you take advantage of our free online teaching strategies modules! The transition into teaching online can be smoother with these tools! The tips and strategies mentioned in the modules are key skills that will help you find success in your professional careers. Feel free to bookmark our page to stay updated as we add content to this page or follow us on LinkedIn.