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SilkWeb proudly offers a variety of instructional design services for you to include in your e-learning solutions. Education services can include adaptive learning, LMS courseware, video learning and more! SilkWeb utilizes an array of different tools and strategies when building custom e-learning solutions.

We are a team of US-based instructional designers. We work one on one with faculty to first analyze course content, and then update and improve it specifically for online delivery. Many instructors are excellent at teaching face to face, but lack the experience and expertise to deliver course content effectively online. We bridge that gap. We don’t just update the content.

We provide instructors with best practices and best use of the tools and technologies the school has already adopted. We also serve as a resource for instructors throughout the semester answering questions and assisting with updates as needed. We have helped many schools not just transition to online, but rapidly improve the quality of their online offerings and ease anxiety for faculty.

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ELearning Solutions

SilkWeb offers a variety of custom e-learning solutions to help you reach you overall objectives.



Instructional Design Services

We offer a variety of instructional design services for both corporate and academic markets.



LMS Courseware

Our LMS courseware solutions can help create an organized, engaged, and effective environment for your learners.



Section 508 Compliance Services

SilkWeb offers Section 508 compliance services as part of a comprehensive e-learning solution to ensure the best learning strategies are available for all.



Video Learning

Video learning can fit multiple learning learning styles in one format. Here at SilkWeb, we offer custom video learning solutions to fit your needs.



Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning alters the learning content to the user. This technique is great in the academic market as every student comprehends material differently.




SilkWeb incorporates microlearning in their delivery and finds that using these content delivery strategies can be helpful when teaching a new concept or conducting a training.


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