Business woman working on custom e-learning course developmentWhy settle for off-the-shelf content when you can afford a custom e-learning solution? SilkWeb can create rich, custom e-learning courses specific to your industry. Learners gain valuable experience in a safe learning environment, learning skills, and techniques that are directly relevant to their jobs.

Custom course development is a practical and cost-effective solution designed to complement your organizations’ new or existing e-learning. Custom courses range from simple yet well-organized tutorials to highly interactive courses with simulations, games, and case studies.

With custom e-learning content, you can ensure that your efforts will meet the mark every time. We offer a variety of support services including LMS courseware, integration,  management, video and adaptive learning, and user registration. We recently partnered with itutorsoft to deliver even more personalized, deep, and adaptive learning services. When a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t do - select custom e-learning!

Content Selection in Custom eLearning

Training manual being converted into custom e-learning course developmentThe choice is up to you when it comes to content selection. Re-purpose your existing e-learning course materials and SilkWeb will provide you with a detailed storyboard so you can review the content prior to production. We will help you identify your overall learning goals and develop a strategy that will deliver your message with ease. We include images, illustrations, animations, voice-over narration, and assessments in most of our custom e-learning projects.

Project Package Pricing Makes Sense for Custom eLearning Courses

Afraid that custom equals costly? Don't fear! SilkWeb offers project package pricing so you know what your budget will be before we even get started. We will provide you a comprehensive quote and work guarantee. We stand behind every e-learning course we create. Don't fall prey to discount hourly rates from vendors who promise you $15 an hour. SilkWeb will complete the project on time and within budget, if your still not convinced, reach out to us and schedule a free consultation with one of our instructional designers to discuss your training needs. If you are still not sure after that we will gladly provide you with client references. Contact us today!

Flash to HTML Conversion

Do you have old training material in flash? We provide expertise in converting ground curriculum into a hybrid or e-learning course format.

LMS Development

We will build your custom e-learning course in any e-learning development tool or LMS of your choice, including Articulate, Storyline, Captivate, Canvas, Moodle, or Blackboard, to name a few! Even if you're using a custom LMS, we can work with it.

Custom e-learning

Creating Custom eLearning Course Content

Whether you need an experienced instructional designer to review apply online methodologies to your existing lesson plans, lab manuals and course lectures OR if you desire to move your entire course library to a custom e-learning course format within an LMS – we can help you meet your goals!

We have years of expertise in converting face-to-face curriculum into custom e-learning courseware.

Our instructional design team understands and uses the latest e-learning LMS platforms such as Canvas and Blackboard and can help you formalize your plans through content maps, storyboard creation etc. You can call on our e-learning services team to take your vision and make it an e-learning reality using today’s most current technologies.

Professionally written interactive storyboards are just a sample of the content services that we provide. Our scope isn't limited by technology or custom requests. We develop your custom e-learning course in any e-learning development tool or LMS of your choice including Articulate, Storyline, Captivate, Rise 360, Canvas, Moodle, or Blackboard just to name a few!

 Engaging Learners Through Custom eLearning Activities

Sound instructional design forms the foundation for online learning experiences. Each custom e-learning course begins and ends with input from subject matter experts who provide the critical path for curriculum development. Our instructional designers use engagement and interaction techniques to target different learning styles and multiple intelligences all within your e-learning courses.

If you’re searching for a custom e-learning solution OR if you have any questions about creating a custom learning solution that helps you to achieve your goals, you're in the right place! Contact SilkWeb today and empower your students for the future.

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