Custom course development is a practical and cost-effective solution designed to complement your organizations’ new or existing e-learning. Custom courses range from simple yet well-organized tutorials to highly interactive courses with simulations, games, and case studies.

With custom eLearning, you can ensure that your efforts will meet the mark every time. We offer a variety of support services including LMS integration, LMS management, user registration, and remote cloud hosting. When a one-size-fits-all approach just won’t do select custom eLearning!

Do You Have Original Content?

The choice is up to you when it comes to content selection. Re-purpose your existing e-learning course materials and SilkWeb will provide you with a detailed storyboard so you can review the content prior to production.

Can We Make Your eLearning Courses Industry-Specific

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf content when you can afford a custom e-learning solution. SilkWeb will create rich, custom e-learning courses specific to your industry. Learners gain valuable experience in a safe learning environment, learning skills, and techniques that are directly relevant to their jobs.


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