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CMVD Training course

CMV Drivers: Drug and Alcohol Training

Drug and alcohol abuse has a negative effect on the way people do their jobs.  This course is designed to provide Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers with knowledge of the impact of drugs and alcohol on health, safety, and the work environment.  The resultant problems of substance abuse and substance dependency in the U.S. transportation industry are discussed along with an examination of the U.S. laws that relate to drug and alcohol testing of all transportation employees.

CMV Driver Essentials: Qualifications, Wellness, and Whistleblower Protection

This comprehensive program was designed for CMV drivers with less than one-year experience. Course content covers CMV driver qualification, personal wellness, and whistleblower protection. When this course is combined with CMV Drivers: Hours of Service, the FMCSA rule (Minimum Training Requirements for Entry-Level Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators) can be met.

CMV Driver: Inspections, Repairs, and Maintenance

This course focuses on the role of the CMV driver in keeping his or her CMV in safe working order by inspecting the vehicle each day. Drivers learn about the types of inspections that they need to complete, including what to do if defects or problems are uncovered.

CMV Driver: Parts & Accessories

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has established minimum standards for commercial motor vehicle parts and accessories. This course reviews those requirements and will help you to keep your vehicle in safe operating condition.

CMV Driver: U.S. Road Signs English & Spanish Versions

Being a professional driver requires to be familiar with the rules of the road. This course reviews a wide variety of road signs that will help you to comply with the rules and drive safely.

CMV Driver: Rules of the Road

This training reviews some of the critical traffic regulations and traffic control devices used in the United States. All drivers are required to comply with U.S. traffic regulations when using our streets and highways.

CMV Driver: Hours of Service Training

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires training so that CMV drivers understand the rules and exemptions relating to hours of service, the correct records and forms that need to be completed, and how to complete those forms accurately. This course clearly explains DOT requirements under the Hours of Service rule and provides working examples along with a scored assessment.

CMV Driver: What to Do if You Get Pulled Over!

As a CMV Driver, you are on the road a lot. Getting pulled over by a Police Officer or being ticketed is both a waste of time and money. The purpose of this course is to define how to prevent vehicle and traffic violations and do's and don'ts in case a Police Officer stops you.

CMV Driver: Speed and Space Management

This course provides instruction addressing the principles of speed and space management. Emphasis is placed on maintaining safe vehicular speed and appropriate space surrounding the vehicle under various traffic and road conditions. It covers driving too fast, following and stopping distances, and other factors that can lead to costly accidents on the road.

CMV Driver: Share the Road Safely

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) believes that the more people know about how to share the road safely, the fewer number of accidents will happen. This training covers basic safety guidelines; each bus or truck driver should take to share the road safely with others.

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