K-12 Career Exploration Solutions

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SilkWeb’s online college and career planning tool provides grade-appropriate content using a user-friendly interface for the creation, delivery, and tracking of career curricular content. SilkWeb has worked with K-12 schools, vocational schools, and colleges for over 15 years. Our experience and research have shown that a learner’s mental model greatly affects the delivery of instruction. When an interface is not intuitive students suffer the most. Intuitive design is a key hurdle that SilkWeb has overcome by the implementation of a coherent and universal platform design that is based on user research and over a decade of usability testing.

SilkWeb’s online college and career planning tool enables teachers to facilitate meaningful and memorable learning activities for students. There are a variety of assessments that include assignments, tests/quizzes, discussion boards, blogs, journals, and wikis. Our assignments allow for a variety of question types and allow students to respond in creative ways. For example, students can answer an essay question with a video or include a link to a website to support their ideas. This is useful in cases where differentiated instruction is needed such as in a 504 plan or Individual Education Plan (IEP).  

Through teacher-directed activities, students can apply and track college applications, create college interest lists, and create an electronic portfolio. In addition, students can easily create a personal transition plan whether they are transitioning directly to the workforce or plan to complete vocational school or attend college. SilkWeb also provides workshop materials for resume building and post-secondary goal setting. Teacher-led interactive assignments include interview preparation and include new modalities such as video and behavioral interviews and portfolio presentations. SilkWeb’s online college and career planning tool includes over 15 distinct modules with teacher materials for each topic.

Our educational support training service provides teachers and administrators with one-to-one technical assistance to overcome their technical obstacles and our institutionally specific training focuses on the relevant tasks that teachers and administrators encounter in their specific educational settings.

In keeping with our strong adherence to accessibility, SilkWeb only delivers products that are designed and developed in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA as well as the Section 508 standards in the United States. Our certified Compliance Officer can provide product reviews and answer any technical questions related to the above compliance standards.

K-12 Education Philosophy

Our student-centered learning approach includes the following philosophies:

  • Powerful instruction empowers young learners.
  • Curiosity is the spark that should drive instruction.
  • Diversity and cultural inclusion helps develop good global citizens.
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Key Features

  • Career Video Content
  • Job & College Search Tools
  • Career & Interest Assessments
  • Flexible Lesson Builder for Teachers
  • Printable Lesson Plans
  • Administration Dashboard
  • Data Analytics
  • Customized Career Content!

K-12 Partnerships

SilkWeb Consulting and Development is delighted to announce our partnership with the San Antonio Independent School District and McAllen Independent School District in the beautiful state of Texas. As an awarded vendor for the design and implementation of Professional Development and Materials, we are honored to assist Texas educators in developing the essential knowledge and tools needed to support the complex skills students need to excel in the 21st century.

McAllen Independent School District
San Antonio Independent School District
WACO Independent School District
Department of Education- State of Hawaii