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Business Course: Organizational Issues

Organizational Issues: The Issues That Drive Your Organization

This course discusses key issues that shape the organization. In addition, best practices for strategic management are introduced along with the application of various types of communication that can help implement organizational change.

Strategic Decision Making: Making Successful Decisions

Effective decision making is critical as it can potentially impact at all organizational levels. This course reviews the decision-making process, factors that influence decision making, and several decision-making techniques. As a decision-maker, you might face uncertainties, risks, and barriers. However, as long as you follow an effective decision-making process, you can feel confident that you are walking down the right path!

Strategic Management: Introduction to Strategy

Strategy relates to everything you do. This online course introduces the Five-Step Model of Strategic Management and covers the following: How to Develop a Vision & Mission, Setting Objectives, Creating Strategy to Achieve Objectives, Implementation & Execution, and Evaluation.

Strategic Measurement & Management

The main emphasis in this course is to design and implement a Strategic Management and Measurement system that will allow managers to see how effectively a strategic initiative influences the performance of the organization.

Strategy Development

This course reviews the development of a SWOTT analysis and how it can be used to develop, plan, and execute strategies.

Strategy, Culture & Leadership: How to Transform Your Organization

This course examines the importance of culture in an organization, and the role of culture in the achievement of strategic objectives.

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