We Haven’t Begun to Feel the Real Economic Damage

School officials have been making the difficult decisions to make education online, hybrid, face to face, or mixed. Unfortunately, we don’t know how much longer these decisions will have to be discussed due to the circumstances and safety precautions. Many elite colleges have seen an increase in enrollment during the pandemic, while many community colleges have lost a good portion of their registration. Community colleges gear towards those who might not want to be financially committed to an elite college. Those individuals are more likely putting enrollment on the back-burner during this pandemic. Unfortunately, the economy and higher education will not come back fully until we solve the public health pandemic. It seems like at the drop of a hat, schools are switching their learning method, which means instructors need to be prepared for change at any given time. Rapid course development is a great tool to build hundreds of courses in just weeks! Rapid eLearning courses usually include content written by Subject Matter Experts, rapid authoring tools such Articulate, and can utilize standard templates.

Check out the process of rapid course development.

Graph describing the process of rapid course development

In this time of unknown, we can do our best to be as prepared as possible. We don't know what the future holds, however, we do know higher education must succeed and it is our job to make sure of it. When time is valued, rapid eLearning is used to create eLearning content and courses quickly. Instructors need the option to switch from hybrid to online or vice versa seamlessly to give their learners the best education. Rapid course development is the best answer as it is quick, cost-effective, and is easy to maintain! This is just one tool that can help education succeed during this difficult time.

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