The Rise in Popularity of Rise 360

SilkWeb's Rise 360 course for Pepsi

Rise 360 is a tool to build a fully responsive course easily and quickly. To create Rise 360 courses, all you need is access to a web browser! Using the latest web technologies, your courses will adapt to any device, whether it is a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Instead of a slide-based lesson, learners navigate through web pages to access the content. To start, you can pick a course outline or build one to your liking. After, you can preview individual lessons to see how it visually looks to your audience on different devices.

Rise 360 is perfect for building shorter, information- filled, and engaging courses quickly. It is also a great option when you are building a microlearning course. If you missed our blog about what microlearning is, check out our recent blog here!


Rise 360 makes it easy to create a course that includes essential information for your learners to access wherever. Going hand in hand with microlearning, a Rise 360 lesson can be a shorter course that delivers bursts of content that learners can review at their convenience. When using Rise 360, you can include imagery, quizzes, and interactive assignments. These are the majority of the components that are involved in microlearning as they help learners comprehend content. 

SilkWeb's Rise 360 course for Pepsi

Here at SilkWeb, we build fully responsive courses on different Learning Management Systems. These courses can include quizzes and exams, assignments and images for learners. Our instructional designers can upload content in a way to keep learners engaged and comprehend the information they are given. This can be through quizzes or interactive assignments. Learners understand best when they are not overwhelmed with information, as they can apply the lesson immediately.

Including a quiz or an assignment after a new course is a unique way for learners to test their knowledge when studying a shorter, but information- filled lesson.

Rise 360 is a great resource when building a microlearning course. You can include bursts of valuable information for your audience to learn on their own time. As Rise 360 is a tool that helps you build courses efficiently, a microlearning course also delivers content information faster. Building a microlearning course using Rise 360 can provide your learners with a lesson that keeps them engaged and allows them to learn whenever and wherever they want on any device!

For more information on Rise 360, check out this website!