Student Success Courses

Free eLearning student success course

 College can be an overwhelming experience for many. With multiple schools transitioning to online during this time, college can be even more challenging than ever. SilkWeb, an e-Learning company based in Scottsdale Arizona, is now offering an online student success course library available for all schools. The multiple modules cover key skills learners can apply to become successful. These courses focus on the unique attributes of the online classroom environment as opposed to an in-person classroom.

The tips and strategies will benefit your academic and professional careers, as they are filled with great learning advice. The content used in each module is easy to understand and can be applied immediately. As of now, our student success course library contains 10 free modules ready for students to use.

The following modules are included:

  • University Experience: states the skills and techniques required to navigate the online classroom environment.
  • Personal Goal Setting: explains the steps to creating and achieving academic goals.
  • Motivational Influences: motivational influences that impact goal attainment and long-term academic career success.
  • Critical Thinking: identifies the importance of critical thinking and the steps needed to achieve it.
  • Time and Stress Management: explains the strategies for effective time management and organizational methods to reduce stress.
  • Personal Learning Styles: explores the best learning strategies to employ based on your learning style.
  • Effective Study Habits: identifies proven study strategies for improving comprehension, test scores, and reducing academic stress.
  • Academic Reading Strategies: explores a proven system for reading textbook materials, improving comprehension, and taking effective notes.
  • Academic Writing Strategies: identifies strategies for improving academic writing which include proofreading and formatting.
  • Research and Documentation: explains the importance of primary source materials, where to find them, and how to use them in academic writing.

These online student success courses are created to assist the many schools transitioning to an e-Learning environment in the Fall of 2020 in response to COVID-19. Complete course cartridges are available for Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, D2L, Google Classroom, and many more Learning Management Systems. The cartridges include lesson plans, podcasts, testbanks, assignments, discussion questions and activities.  Call SilkWeb today and get more information on these additional assets.

Check out our Student Success courses here to get started on a module. Also, bookmark our page to stay updated as we add content to this page!