SilkWeb SnapShot: May 2021

Edition 6 of the SilkWeb SnapShot

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May is Here!

Welcome to Edition 6 of the SilkWeb SnapShot! We have exciting holidays this month such as National Teacher Day (May 4th) and Mother's Day (May 9th)! SilkWeb would love to recognize and give a special thank you to the hard-working teachers and faculty associated with K-12 education and Higher Education. We appreciate our Teachers!

In Edition 6 of the SilkWeb SnapShot, you will find the following resources:

  • Remote Workers Need Small Talk Too
  • Happy Mother's Day to Our Working Moms at SilkWeb!
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Time to Take Action
  • Our New Contract Awards

As always, thank you for your continued support!

Banner introducing Remote Workers Need Small Talk Too article

Small talk in the office was a daily ritual before COVID-19, and social distancing hit. Studies show that small talk was uplifting and created a positive environment where others were more willing to work and help their colleagues. With precautions still in place, working from home has been more popular than ever before. If you are still in a remote work environment, we encourage you to try and create new social rituals for your organizations. Weekly team video calls, group messages with non-work talk, or a simple phone call to your coworker can lead you towards those casual collisions where small talk occurs. With that, the uplifting spirits appear, and motivation grows.

Banner Introducing the SilkWeb Moms

In honor of Mother's Day, we would love to recognize our working moms here at SilkWeb Consulting and Development!

These terrific and hard-working individuals wanted to share some insights on how they manage their busy life!

What is most important to you when it comes to working?

Many of these moms mentioned flexibility as one of the essential aspects when it came to working. However, Nicole notes, "flexibility alone doesn't cut it; a supportive boss and colleagues makes all the difference!" Kate agrees and says, "It's not just Mike and Laurel, it's the entire team at SilkWeb who make it fabulous, being able to go to pretty much anyone on the team for help, venting, sharing funnies, and be able to give the same back when needed." 

What are the difficulties of being a remote worker AND mom?

Being a work-from-home mom comes with many challenges. These ladies had adapted to the lifestyle; as Nicole shares, "There were times when my son was little that I would be working or on business calls with a sick child sleeping on my lap—I got very good at using the mute button!"  With trial and error, the SilkWeb moms have found what works best for them!

How do you separate the roles? 

"It's challenging but not impossible. My situation is compounded by the fact that I also work with my spouse. We have set ground rules though, such as no "work talk" at the dinner table" - Laurel. Creating boundaries is critical to separate work life and mom life! Kate shares, "Evenings through my son's bedtime is family time. Some days that means I'm doing more work after he goes to bed, but I only get so many hours with him." 

What motivates you to be the best you can be in both positions? 

Our working moms can all agree that the biggest motivation comes from their children! Laurel states, "My motivation has always been to show our daughters that a woman can be the boss and not have to compromise her career to have a family." Many moms also mentioned their competitive side and the love for SilkWeb that keeps them motivated. Kate explains her perfectionism kicks into play as well, stating, "In all seriousness, I am pretty motivated by not letting anyone else down."

How do you take care of yourself?

We all know how difficult it can be to find time for yourself while being a remote worker. Laurel shares, "I find joy in simple things like getting my nails done with my daughters or just being able to sit outside and have a family dinner when the weather is nice." Make sure to put yourself first and find something that brings you joy!

How to prepare for an empty nest?

Nicole is preparing for an empty nest as her child is headed to college soon. Nicole gives excellent advice as she suggests, "Make plans with your partner and with other empty nesters. Make plans with YOUR mother. Start doing those things as soon as the empty nest feelings begin."

Take Care of Yourself Banner

In this edition of the SilkWeb SnapShot, we wanted to emphasize the importance of YOU! As busy professionals, we recognize it is often difficult to take time out to focus on yourself. Our Director of Learning Innovation, Kit John, specializes in helping others learn to balance their busy schedules with exercise. Ms. John is a certified Yoga instructor and has her FREE platform for online yoga classes called “Kit Does Yoga,” where she prioritizes her practice and shares her passion for Yoga with the public. We encourage you to make an effort and fit activity into your daily routine. Check out Kit’s FREE channel to join her for Yoga!

New Contract Award banner

SilkWeb is proud to announce our new contract award with the Waco Independent School District for educational consulting, professional development, and other student-based contracted services. We are thrilled to help the administrators, staff, educators, and students promote student success, improve programs and processes, and utilize data findings to improve student outcomes.

We are also honored to announce another contract award with Miami Dade College. As an award recipient of the Multimodal Course Design RFP, we are genuinely excited to help MDC create eLearning success stories, one student at a time!