SilkWeb SnapShot: January 2021

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Happy New Year from the SilkWeb Team. We are excited to welcome you back from the holidays and wish you a happy and healthy New Year! As you get back into the swing of your everyday routine, please know that SilkWeb is here to assist with your content development needs.  From instructional design support, full course design and development, video and multimedia design, assessment development, and/or content development and writing, we are here to help!

Meet the Team Member for SilkWeb SnapShot

Nicole Bremer Nash, Vice President of Instructional Design, started with SilkWeb in 2007, shortly after completing her Bachelor of Arts in English degree from Transylvania University in 2001. Nash states, "My writing career began in earnest as a contract writer for an SEO company in 2005. Since then, I have used my interest in the community and nonprofit sector to expand my skills and apply them to writing and higher education."

Working closely with faculty and subject matter experts to create top-tier digital experiences for them and their learners are Nicole's passions. Her work in ADA compliance and focusing on best practices shows the dedication Nicole has for the future of e-learning. Some of her skills include Content Strategy, Article Research and Writing, Instructional Design (E-learning), Textbook Research and Writing, Cross-organizational Collaboration, Community Relations, and more! As a well-rounded individual, Nicole enjoys her current position at SilkWeb Consulting and Development. She writes and edits custom e-learning courses and materials for various client types, including LMS providers, Textbook providers, Higher Education Institutions, and Corporate Education Clients.

Some of Nicole's highlights here at SilkWeb include:

  • Co-author of the research book, Special Populations in Healthcare, a research book about the barriers America's most vulnerable populations face in accessing healthcare. (Burkholder, D. M., & Nash, N. B. (2014). Special Populations in Health Care. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN-13: 9781284025613).
  • Co-author of multiple books in Jones & Bartlett's Photovoltaic Design and Installation series. (Balfour, J., Shaw, M., & Nash, N. B. (2013). Introduction to Photovoltaic System Design. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN-13: 9781449624675).

In addition to her higher education and adult education work, Nicole holds leadership roles in her community, focusing on public service and advocacy. She is also the owner of Divine Writes, LLC, a content creation firm, and co-owner of Compass Campaigns, LLC, a political strategy firm.

"I am excited to continue building equity and planning for the future of higher education." -Nicole Nash, Vice President of Instructional Design, SilkWeb Consulting and Development.

Tips and Tricks for content development

At SilkWeb, we understand the difficulty many industries face with the ongoing demands of creating original and specific training content to meet regulatory and accreditation standards. To that extent, we offer many free e-learning templates and free training tutorials to the education community. These free training resources and templates are available for your use; however, please refrain from re-branding our materials without permission. If you link to these resources from your website, please include our original URL. If you would like to customize any of our free resources, we would be happy to help! Click here for assistance.