SilkWeb SnapShot: February 2021

SilkWeb SnapShot February

Welcome to this month’s edition of the SilkWeb SnapShot. Our team is hard at work helping clients like you create cutting edge solutions that incorporate the latest research into instructional architecture and custom assessment development.

We hope that this newsletter will help keep you up-to-date with the innovations we are working on at SilkWeb and inform you of the industry's various techniques.

Meet the Team Member, SilkWeb SnapShot

Kate has been with us since 2017, and her primary focus is the thoughtful integration of instructional technology and sound research-based instructional principles. In the course of 15+ years, she has developed expertise in leading teams to analyze, design, develop, and implement learning solutions in a wide range of subject areas for McGraw-Hill Education and Pearson Learning Solutions, among others.

Kate’s focus on integration of the seemingly disparate elements of education, art, and technology is a recurring theme throughout her life. Many years before going to graduate school for Instructional Design and Technology, Kate completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre. She spent many years working as a graphic designer and writer in Chicago. She sits on the board of STAGEtwo Productions, Inc, a non-profit community theatre in her hometown of Evansville, IN, which focuses on education and mentorship for the local performing arts community. She also works as a voiceover artist and hopes one day to perform an audio book by one of her favorite authors.

SilkWeb has the pleasure to work with our Research & Development Project Director, Kate Small!

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Instructional designers are an essential part of any organization. Whether they assist in developing training, writing content, creating videos, or designing custom solutions, hiring the right person with the correct skill set is crucial.

Knowing what questions to ask during the interview process can help you set the tone for the type of quality and experienced candidate you desire. The following questions can assist you in the interview and screening process.

  1. What is your design philosophy and process? What tools or resources do you use?
  2. What experience in and outside of instructional design have you had? How have these shaped you as an Instructional Designer?
  3. How do you work efficiently and effectively with subject matter experts (SME)? How do you create collaboration? How do you work with an SME that is resistant to change?
  4. How do you measure the success of course design? What tools or resources do you use to measure this success?
  5. How proficient are you with various software, tools, and LMS platforms? Which ones would you consider yourself as a Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert?
  6. How do you make your courses engaging and effective? Please provide three examples.
  7. Have you ever recommended changing the direction of a curriculum or course to an SME? How did it go? What did you learn from this experience?
  8. How would you recommend switching techniques or methods for an e-learning platform to an SME? Roleplay this conversation with me as the SME.
Custom Assessment Development

SilkWeb offers custom assessment development and psychometric services to help you build and deliver a reliable assessment program.

Contact us today to check out our Five-Phase Development Approach with a Licensed Psychometrician!

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