Kit’s Korner: Finding Balance with Work, Life, and YouTube!

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Written by: Kit John (@KitDoesYoga)

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Long before “Pandemic” was in all of our vocabularies, I had a dream of teaching yoga on YouTube. My inspiration came from Adrienne Mischler of Yoga With Adrienne, Peloton, The Yoga Project, and other online yoga classes. I knew there were many more students I could reach outside of my in-person classes, even outside my time zone! Having a background in video editing and Instructional Design, I knew I could do well.

When all non-essential businesses, including yoga studios, were announced closed, I raced home to film, edit and upload a YouTube video for my students. Let me tell you, it was terrible. You can hear my refrigerator in the background.
That did not discourage me. In fact, every person who said, “Thank you, I needed this!” motivated me. As I began to make more videos, I learned how to light myself and create a quieter environment. To this day, I am still learning how to improve my videos to make them better and better.

It may seem intimidating to do hair and makeup, set up space, and configure lighting… because it is! Instead of setting this up for every video, I film about five videos simultaneously; a secret YouTubers use to film multiple videos in one day. By changing my clothes, it looks like a new day. Then, I can spread the editing out over a few days or weeks.

Ultimately, the most rewarding part of having a YouTube channel remains connected with my yoga students. They live all over the U.S. and take my classes at all times of the day. By listening and connecting with my students, I can also create videos that speak to them. Whether it’s a beginner’s yoga, a post-run stretch, or bedtime yoga, they can find a video that works for them.