Improving Employee Development

Group of employees

Written By: Trevor Benoit

Company improvement and growth requires one essential factor more than any other. Are you intrigued? Employee development will lead to overall company growth. If you set up employees for success, you are setting yourself up for success as well.

Knowing where to start employees is the first step. With the unprecedented events of 2020, many people began working from home for the first time in their lives, so it becomes harder to answer the question of, "How can we improve our employee development?" when you aren't able to interact with your employees like you regularly would?


Employers can start by defining a clear path for onboarding and determine the professional development opportunities that should be used from the start of a new hire's first day. Creating compelling and impactful video learning and training solutions is imperative to successful training when you cannot have that face-to-face experience. This can make or break your overall goal, professional and employee development. If your content is not engaging to your audience, you will fail to get their full attention. Research has shown that training can lead to behavioral change. But training needs to be engaging and offer relatable experiences and learning opportunities to do so.


New trainees aren't the only ones who should continue to grow and learn. It's also essential for managers to learn how to become good leaders and effective coaches. Simulated management scenarios can help train the company's future leaders by providing a safe environment in which to engage in difficult situations. Many influential leaders use e-learning and mobile learning solutions to stay current on work topics and trends. Mobile e-learning provides front-line managers with essential leadership training. The chance to simulate the experiences that create those skills is significant in the modern workplace. SilkWeb develops mobile-friendly, custom e-learning to fit the needs of your industry. Streamline the creation of your training courses and focus on the learning experiences that matter most. SilkWeb can help you define the outcomes for your training, whether it is for managers, existing or new employees. SilkWeb's e-learning design team provides full-service design from start to finish.