California State University (CSU) Planning for an Online Fall 2020 Semester

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With nearly 500,000 students, almost 5 percent of the college students in the United States, California State University is preparing for a CSU online fall 2020 semester across all 23 campuses. CSU is planning over these next several months to not only adapt to virtual learning environments but to expand their knowledge as faculty and instructors. CSU chancellor, Timothy White, states, “It is wise to plan now and over the next several months, with enriched training and improvements in virtual learning environments, only to pull back a bit in the fall for more in-person as circumstances allow.”

Check out more statements from CSU's chancellor, Timothy White, here.

As a company that focuses on instructional design services and custom e-learning solutions for academic markets, we applaud CSU’s difficult decision as we know their decision is for the safety of their college students, faculty, and staff.

Hoping for a greater outcome, they are preparing for a CSU online fall 2020 semester. Thinking of the well-being and education of their students, CSU is offering the option to take one course that might not be offered at their home University, at another CSU campus at no additional cost. With this plan in action, more resources will be available. This opportunity opens up doors for students to grow their education virtually during this difficult time.

As an e-Learning company, we believe a virtual classroom can be just as effective as a face-to-face classroom. SilkWeb has worked with CSU in the past to migrate courses online, and we fully support the decision they have reached. We can only imagine how difficult it can be for students and faculty, but we recognize the importance of safety and believe CSU has prepared an excellent virtual plan for the future.

Well done, CSU! I am sure many universities who are still yet undecided about offering online and hybrid courses for the Fall 2020 semester will follow in your footsteps.

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