What is Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive Learning SilkWeb Blog

Adaptive learning is a unique educational method that delivers customized content to a specific learner. This term is also known as adaptive teaching, as it interacts with each learner differently based on the learning methods best suited to the user.

This unique method was introduced after a realization that a one-learning-style-serves-all was not effective or beneficial. While using computer algorithms in order to create a personalized course, the system alters the educational material that is presented based on the learner’s responses to questions, tasks, and experiences. Adaptive learning is commonly used in education, however, can also be used in business training as it uses a data- driven approach. When used in a business setting, adaptive learning can help organizations reach their business/ training goals. Many learning management systems (LMS) have included adaptive learning features to create an interactive platform.

A great example of this educational method is when the user has the option to either read or listen to material. The learner has a choice of how they would like to comprehend information and therefore, you are incorporating adaptive learning. It can also be compared to an in-person tutoring session. When instructors have the one-on-one time with an individual, they soon to understand the needs and the best suited learning styles of that individual. Every learner might not comprehend best visually and therefore, might need to read about a concept instead. Adaptive learning is similar, as the system adapts the educational material to the learners needs and learning methods. The material is adjusted moment by moment based on the user's performance. By doing this, the user’s learning experience can be more effective and overall beneficial.

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