Authorized Blackboard Learn Developer and Reseller

SilkWeb is an authorized reseller of Blackboard Learn, Ultra Base Navigation, and Collaborate products. Since 2007 SilkWeb has been the leading developer for custom e-learning in the United States. To date, as the Blackboard custom e-learning vendor of choice, SilkWeb's Blackboard developers have delivered new implementations, administration services, course transitions, and custom e-learning development services to hundreds of Blackboard schools across the United States.

SilkWeb is a Blackboard developer

Custom lms courseware improves student retention

Experts in Blackboard Learn Development

SilkWeb was the first company to offer custom e-learning services on the Blackboard Learn LMS with the Ultra Base Navigation SaaS platform. All members of SilkWeb’s instructional design team are Blackboard developers and are trained and certified. Given SilkWeb’s long and close relationship with Blackboard, expertise in the area, and its long-standing reputation as the best LMS available on the market, it was only logical that SilkWeb would partner with Blackboard as the LMS of choice for our clients. We know that Blackboard shares our appreciation and commitment to quality. As a premium e-learning company, only the highest quality products are suitable for our K-12 and higher education clients.

Blackboard Learn is a SaaS learning management system that allows educational institutions of any size to manage all their learning in one place. Whether you have blended learning, webinars, virtual classroom sessions, gamification, and microlearning you can deploy it using Learn. Blackboard allows you to deliver highly configurable, scalable, and personalized online learning experiences to any audience. SilkWeb’s developers can help you get your LMS implemented and our training experts will guide you and your staff through every step in the process.

Blackboard Learn Features

  • Ally Accessibility Tools
  • Blogs
  • Calendar
  • Cloud-Based Delivery
  • Collaborate Integration
  • Content Editor
  • Content Collection
  • Custom Rubrics
  • Custom Reporting
  • Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Data Management
  • Discussions
  • Dynamic Content Editor
  • Google Meet
  • Grade Center
  • Group Management
  • Journals
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Mobile App
  • Learning Modules
  • LTI Integration
  • Peer Assessments
  • Portfolio
  • Record Audio & Video
  • Responsive Design
  • Retention Center
  • SafeAssign
  • SCORM 1.2 and 2004, Tin Can/xAPI and AICC compliance
  • Social Learning
  • Tests, Pools, and Surveys
  • Video Integration Tools
  • YouTube Integration

LMS development for Haskell UniversityBlackboard Support and Administration

SilkWeb offers faculty training and end-user support for our Blackboard Learn and Ultra experience packages. We also provide ongoing LMS administration services. Choose a custom Blackboard package from a variety of support services, including integration, content migration, LMS courseware, user training, platform branding, user registration, and content support. Our Blackboard developer team can design a support plan to best fit your institution’s unique needs.

As a bonus when you purchase Blackboard Learn from SilkWeb you receive a free custom e-learning choice to get you started.

Support goes a long way when implementing new technology. Whether you want to train an internal team of resources to manage the day-to-day tasks of LMS management or if you are looking for a one-stop solution - SilkWeb can help.

Blackboard Learn Instructional Videos

Are you new to Learn or Collaborate? SilkWeb's Blackboard video tutorials are designed to get K-12 teachers and college faculty up to speed quickly. We add new videos each month so bookmark the page for easy access to the training you need. If you need customized support, you can purchase a Blackboard training package, SilkWeb can create a custom package suited to your institution.

Our Blackboard trainer covers topics from setting up office hours to creating and managing groups. Our current list includes:

  • Teaching During a Pandemic
  • Setting Up Virtual Hours
  • Organizing Your Course Materials
  • Adding an Announcement
  • Creating Folders in Blackboard
  • Creating Course Lectures
  • Creating and Grading Assignments
  • Discussion Boards
  • Test Creation
  • Managing Groups


Blackboard Learn, Ally, and Remediation Services

Pair Blackboard Learn, Ally, and SilkWeb’s document remediation services to ensure institutional compliance across your curriculum. SilkWeb’s expert team of Blackboard developers and instructional designers will examine each course and identify documents that need remediation. Unsure of what you need? Don’t worry, SilkWeb can help by providing free consultation and a one-hour content review session. Our IAAP certified Accessibility Officer will provide you with a comprehensive report before and after remediation.

The Ally tool offers document accessibility review in an easy to understand format

Quality Matters Review

SilkWeb creates custom e-learning in the award winning LMS platformSilkWeb provides instructional design expertise combined with two decades of experience working in the Blackboard Learn SaaS platform. Our senior-level instructional design team will review your online courses to ensure that the application of instructional design theory and instructional design methods are apparent in every element of your e-learning course. Using your institution’s Quality Matters rubric along with Best Practices for Blackboard Learn we will provide detailed feedback on each course and provide a comprehensive report for each course reviewed. If you need help implementing curriculum changes, we can help by providing access to our subject matter consultants. Our consultants have graduate degrees in their respective fields in addition to online and face-to-face instructional experience.

Blackboard Learn White-Glove Migration Services

SilkWeb has managed white-glove course migrations from one LMS to Blackboard Learn and Ultra Base Navigation. Our developers customize each migration package to include the services that you need. We can help you organize your learning materials, create new materials, and combine all your existing curriculum to create streamlined, effective, and engaging courseware. Our Blackboard Learn services of course review, custom e-learning development, and white-glove migration solutions will help you engage your students and lead them to success every time!

Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a free consultation with an expert-level Blackboard developer today! We can help you get started by creating a comprehensive blueprint for your new implementation. Suitable institutions will typically have 500 students or more. This enables your institution to take advantage of the platform's well-designed learning environment and LMS reporting tools. We will help you understand which instructional design approach will have the most impact on your school and provide a design template that can be used to streamline course development and standardize your curriculum offerings.