Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning

Also referred to as adaptive teaching, adaptive learning is an educational method that selects and delivers customized resources and activities to reach different and ever-changing needs of each learner.

This strategy uses computer algorithms in order to interact with different users based on their learning performance. The system selects or alters the presentations and and testing items to the learner, based on the learner’s response to questions, tasks, and proficiency evaluations.

This can also include “testing out” of certain training if appropriate. When the system adapts to the learner’s ever-changing needs, the user’s learning experience is overall better and more effective. This technique is commonly used in education, but can also be used in business training.

Adaptive learning systems include some or all of the following models:

  • The Expert Model specifies experience to be taught.
  • The Student Model tracks and learns essential information about the student.
  • The Instructional Model assesses and conveys the experience to the learner.
  • The Instructional Environment includes a user interface for interacting with the system.

Some  learning management systems (LMS) have incorporated various adaptive learning features like pre-testing, gaps finding, and fill ins. By including various adaptive features in your LMS, you can enhance effectiveness of the learning process. For example, if users have the option to comprehend content through reading or video learning, you are including adaptive learning. This allows learners to take pre-test and get their recommended path when understanding a concept.

Adaptive Learning SilkWeb Blog

SilkWeb has previously partnered with iTutorSoft to develop products using their tool, CLARITY. This is a cloud/AI-based platform that includes Instructional Analysis and Design, Adaptive Instruction and Learning at scale. With different phases, their tool incorporates a variety of unique features, such as offering a unified frame/network to fill out with learning experiences. Their product also automatically generates the most effective “Off-Road” learning on the fly based on dynamically updating a learner’s proficiency profile.